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Thankful for New Beginnings

My darling daughter, Terra, I want to publicly acknowledge how proud I am that today you started on your new career path as a Nurse Practitioner! All of your hard work, sacrifice and dedication has paid off. And, I want you to always remember you can achieve any of your goals as long as you keep God first, because without God in your life, none of your accomplishments would have even been possible. As your mother, I admire the woman you have become. You are an awesome wife, mother, daughter and granddaughter.
While you were growing up, I know sometimes you might have thought I was being hard on you, but I just wanted you to never settle for mediocracy, as well as to be an independent thinker, and always be in a position as an adult where you could take care of yourself. Over the years, I know our journey from Illinois to Maryland to Virginia and back to Illinois hasn’t always been easy. Even so, through the good and bad times, you’ve learned to persevere no matter what, and for that I …

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